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Farm in Końskowola



Apart from the steward’s residence, the manorial farm in Końskowola also encompassed the houses of the clerks, houses and workshops of craftsmen of several dozen professions, three breweries, distillery, mills, storehouses, granary, stables and cowsheds.


The byre [Holendernia] was erected in the neo-Classical style by the manorial farm’s owner, Adam Jerzy Czartoryski in 1827 and was meant to house 180 head of cattle. The name of the byre [Holland byre] originated in the fact that the cattle bred on the local estate was imported from Holland. The southern part of the former byre was designated for stables. After the Second World War, the interior was divided into office spaces, storage rooms, workshop spaces and garages. The two-bay layout of the building was created and new window openings were made. The building is situated in the southeast part of Końskowola, along the western side of Pożoska Street.


The building adjoins from the west the Baroque granary built by the Czartoryski family in the late 18th century. The brewery, joined by an underground passage with the granary building, was located nearby. The brewery has not survived until the present day, but a legend about an allegedly lousy taste of the Końskowola beer has been immortalized in Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel, The Deluge. The former building of the administrator’s house was located behind the distillery (it stands there until the present day, several hundred metres west from the granary). At the end of your visit in the former manorial farm, you should participate in the Discoverers’ Expedition and solve the “With His Grace Onufry of St. Ann’s to the Holland Byre” Quest.


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