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The historical small town of Janowiec lies at the picturesque steep edge of the Małopolska Vistula River Gorge at the mouth of the small Plewka River. It was granted a town charter in 1537 on the territory of the former village of Serokomla by Piotr Firlej of the Lewart Coat of Arms. Janowiec remained a town until 1869. It features two market squares: main market square near the parish church, and the second market square, located east of the former square (the present Wolności Square), where a brick synagogue had been located until the Second World War. It most likely dated from the end of the 16th century and was burnt down by the Nazi German army. Once, Janowiec also featured the wooden Hospital Church of St. Cecilia with the adjacent shelter for the poor. In the period of prosperity the Town Hall ornamented the town’s market square, while a brick brewery operated at the river.


Located at the site of a convenient ferryboat crossing on the Vistula River, Janowiec was often destroyed during numerous wars in the past. Nowadays, its location contributes to the town’s tourist attractiveness. The easiest way to get here from Kazimierz Dolny is by the “Janowiec” Ferry operating on the Vistula River. Several open-air events, such as the Museum Night, Wine Festival, and the “Two River Banks” Film and Arts Festival are held in the town in the summer time.

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