Lokalna Grupa Działania „Zielony Pierścień”
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ssociated with Princess Izabela Czartoryska.


More than two hundred years ago, Princess Izabela Czartoryska established a hermitage with a romantic garden in Parchatka. This is where the Czartoryski family organized idyllic hikes, picnics and games, which were attended by the duke’s entire court. Even Tsar Alexander I was among the guests. This establishment constituted a significant element of Princess Czartoryska’s vision of harmonious fusion of beautiful landscape with rational economy. The three crosses, situated on the top of the hill located south of the garden with the hermitage were meant to complement the landscape of the melancholic Parchatka. Princess Izabela placed them there to commemorate the death of her pupil, Zofia née Matuszewicz Kicka. The Princess not only liked the girl very much, but she was also very attached to her and vividly interested in the life of her charge. Soon after Zofia married Ludwik Kicki, she gave birth to her first child who unfortunately died a few months later. The young wife was devastated by this misfortune. As it turned out, the cruel fate did not spare her, and when she became pregnant again, due to birth complications, not only did the child die, but Zofia died as well. It happened in Warsaw on December 5, 1822. In order to honour her favourite pupil and her deceased children, the Princess erected three crosses on the hill in Parchatka. Unfortunately, they have not been preserved until the present day, and gradually, the memory of the person to whom they were dedicated also fell into oblivion. After many local efforts, the three crosses returned to their historical site in the autumn of 2006. The architectural design of the crosses was prepared by Prof. Konrad Kucz-Kuczyński of the Warsaw University of Technology.

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